On maternity leave until January 2018 
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I think I can hear angels singing as I write this. If there is one thing I have continued to hear is that you would like me to bring back custom content. I have heard your pleas, my divine beings. So.Here.It.Is.

It's time! To dive in. Divulge. In everything. Brooke Marie.

Ok, I realize some of you have never done this before. What is custom content, anyhow? It is a video directed by you and created by me. Always wanted something for yourself? Hear me say your name? Something you can keep to watch & enjoy over and over ? Details below!*

COST (direct through me):

  1. Please contact me at for a quote. Videos start at an average of around $250 for 10 minutes+. I rarely do videos shorter than that 10 minutes. 
  2. This is my NEW studio below. I will be soon adding 1-2 more spaces to it. Out of studio locations include hot tub, outside/deck or a horse barn. Out of studio locations will include a small increase in your quote due to time/movement of equipment. 
  3. Clips posted to my clips sites will never include personal information beyond the clip request and/or name used. A private request means it is NEVER posted publicly and is ONLY shared between you and I. A private request doubles your quote. 


I enjoy a lot of different things, but still not everything. I think my most favorite is role-play BUT I like dirty talk, teasing, strip teasing, sensual domination, nudity, Jerk-off-encouragement (JOE), Jerk-off-instruction (JOI), Goddess Worship, SPH, CEI, and the list goes on! I do not offer anal, DP, "screaming/yelling", roughness, or include any other person or objects (beyond dedicated toys) in my custom content. 
I currently am not completely removing bottoms due to a scar that is healing. This means I keep panties or a garter on which can be moved to the side, removed with angles, a long shirt, etc. Showing off my kitten is still A-okay within that scope with me! Masturbation videos are not out of the question but be prepared for quite the generous quote if so. I rarely accept them. If you have an idea you're not sure about, it never hurts to ask. You never know! 


Anywhere from 2-3 weeks** from the date of payment OR when all items have been received (if items are purchased and shipped for the video). Custom content takes time. I only create it when I know I can delivery 110%. You can be confident you will get exactly (if not more) than what you requested! All files will be sent through where you will receive a download link to your e-mail. Unless you ordered from or then you will download your clip directly from the site. 

(*If you would like a guaranteed 1 day turn around add $200, 2 day turn around $150, 3 day turn around $100 and 1 week turn around $75.) 

(**There are things that can affect this timeline including but not limited to holidays, sickness, family emergencies, etc. I've never not delivered a video yet, you'll always be kept up to date if it so happens to extend beyond three weeks.)


-HD Cannon Video Camera. (mp4 files) 

FORMS OF PAYMENT (in order of preference"ish"): Please do not pay without confirmation of preferred payment method or approval of your video request. You must e-mail me first. Payment methods I accept can change even if you have purchased custom content before. I can't pay my mortgage with Amazon Gift Cards. I tried. They said no. =P 

Let's get this out of the way. I DO NOT accept gift rocket, money orders, direct bank transfers, or google wallet. If you have been around long enough there are certain quite a few lots of businesses that do not appreciate our way of enjoying life. Erhem. Chase Bank. Erhem. Paypal. Erhem. All the lot of ya! 

Cash to P.O. Box/Gift Card with Tracking: 

- P.O. Box is to be obtained after custom content is approved. This is my most preferred method. I use it frequently. Using a priority mail "mailer" or sending certified mail that provides tracking is safe and secure to my PO Box. Sending cash through the mail poses no more risk than myself sending you panties (lol). This isn't the 1950's and chiropractors do work.

My Profile: 

-My second most preferred way of payment. A tribute through here: link to IWantClips. Use "Tribute Me" button located to the left of my profile. 

-OR NEW! E-gift card to Meijer! Found HERE!

Gift Cards: Depending, this can be a great or not so great option (for me!). I am unfortunately getting way too much payment through this method and although I am very very happy for the work, I can't pay my bills through gift cards. They noooo accept! So please do inquire at the time if you wish to use this method and I will give you an option or two! 

HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? E-mail me. I specialize in this, so don't worry. You're in good hands. *wink* 


  1. I found you on C4S. You're so unbelievably gorgeous. I just had to read more into you. I really hope these physical and mental changes will have a positive effect in your life. You're so beautiful <3

  2. Hey John David, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment here. So nice to see/read! Everything is going beautifully, thank you! It certainly has been a life shift but I would not change it for the world.

    1. Thank you for the reply. I'm so glad to hear everything's going great. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. My first custom video from Brooke just arrived hours ago, and already it's a favorite. I'm very pleased with the results, great video quality, but most of all the hottest girl on the net performing just for me. My script and preferences were blended perfectly. Fourth of July fireworks came a day early!

    ps: You asked for pictures ;-)

  4. Hey Alan! Yay! *squeals* I am so happy to read this. Going to go check out your blog now! ;)

  5. You're simply awesome, Brooke! So beautiful, so professional and so willing to make my custom video dreams become a digital reality. How can I manage to package you up and steal you away. Thanks for everything you do. Really and truly.

  6. Hey you =) This makes me blush. Thank you so much for the kind words!

  7. I'll wait for you forever my beautiful Brooke. Hope you make it back some day. You're amazing.

  8. hi brooke, good to see u back . even tho I didn't found you during your active times... only knew about your long tongue (thanks to yt). so is it correct that you only make videos for sale and never do live cam? xoxo

  9. Thanks Andre! Yes, that is correct I only make PPV or custom videos currently. I don't have any plans to come back to live cam, not for a long time anyhow! Xo

  10. I'm actually physically kind of trembling! CRAZYYY. I have seen some of your videos via the internet, of course, BUT, no question, the thought of YOU, that voice, that body, christ I can't wait to order!! You're someone that to me is like life spoiling ME!! Every moment in thoughts of you is heaven and I am sooo excited to start our Library of Customs! I am hoping it's a good idea to maybe have some detail, because you act so spot on, that knowing it will only torment me even further! I hope that's a good plan. Oh're spectacular beyond words, truly. Scott

  11. Hey Scott! Nice to hear from you. I look forward to your e-mail. And yes, I am the detail Queen. >;) Xo

    1. sorry again about the details, I PROMISE there isn't a detailed script! I trust you, 100%, I just wanted you to know the backstory of what drives ME, and the idea, so it could be many chapters! I'm sending the gift card to make it worth it to read. Sorry again, I'm so dying to have you do the custom, truly! I pray you had a great holiday, yes I thought of you and was so jealous I could scream!

    2. Looking forward to playing with you soon! >;)

  12. Are you pregnant with a single child? When are you leaving before giving birth? You are very attractive. Whoever made you pregnant is one lucky person.

  13. Hey Alexie, thanks for your sweet comment but I don't reveal personal details pertaining to my pregnancy.

  14. Brooke you are mega talented I am enraptured in how special that custom video was. I've got many Clips and customs and performers differ greatly from one to another girl knocked it out Of The park into the stratosphere. Your video is the best sexy video I've ever seen.
    Thank you.
    By the way so you know who I am :) No mug of Arsenic ...lovely wedding

  15. You're most welcome! I know who you are >;)

  16. Thank you again Brooke..Anybody who is considering having a custom made by Brooke please take my advice.. You will be so will be itching to have her make another and another...
    I sent her a complicated, detailed and very particular script and she nailed it in every way.. All directions,dialouge and wardrobe,location,pace EVERTHING was perfect.. I have had customs made before and they NEVER end up how I want.. They'll either be good,not bad or OK and sometimes pretty poor and I feel my money was not well spent.
    Brooke made me a custom that I found spellbinding it was EXACTLY what I wanted all my script was realised completely.. I love my video..
    Also her interaction through emails with queries and after sales is top notch.. She kept me so well informed on how it was going she made sure she had correct details all along the way.
    Also this girl is GORGEOUS so beautiful.. She looks innocent and angelic but when she's using your name and saying words that you've requested her to say and she's wearing what you've chosen..that beauty goes further and her voice is stunning.. I have had customs where there was noise is background, the performer went off script got my name wrong said something in the incorrect way.. But Broke made a custom of pure PERFECTION.
    I've more ideas and I'm excited to have them made.
    She IS the detail queen..the fact that she wanted to make my creation and was happy To include all that I wanted.
    I'm on air.

  17. I want to buy a video or two videos on iwantclips or clips4sale, but where do I receive the content I am buying? Do I have to download it to receive it? This is my first time buying. And would my payment option be private and not view by anyone else?

  18. Contact either of the sites help areas for information on purchasing clips from them.

  19. I purchased my first video on and I am impress with your work after watching it. You have a beautiful personality and you make me feel happy after watching the video.

  20. So glad to hear this! Also thank you so much for the tip and the kind words with it. Much love! XO

  21. hi brooke, I'm from Brazil, sorry if I do not understand a word, I'm translating, I love you I go crazy with your white and big breasts, even then you already thought about putting silicone? I love bouncing breasts.

  22. Hey Marcelo, thanks for your comment and Hello all the way to Brazil! I am not sure your question exactly, but my breasts are natural. I do not think I will ever get silicone or fakes.