Most of my time these days is spent creating custom content or pay per view (PPV) videos for my online stores. I recently combined my "fetish" and "vanilla" into one complete store. This is going to allow me to keep updates more consistent and now you can find everything in one place! 

Most of my videos are not edited in any way, unless requested by the customer or a transition fits into the story line. I love to give a "live show" experience and most often my videos are directed to you, the viewer. As if you are right there with me. After all, as far as I am concerned. You are.

As you can tell, I love role-play. I typically think a lot about a video before creating it. Either custom or of my own accord. My videos usually contain a lot of dirty talk. Oh...I KNEW that would be fine with you. Ha-ha! I've been a cam model (maybe adult entertainer is the right title) since 2008. I'd like to think I've not only perfected the art of teasing and pleasing, but I also have devilishly evolved as my tastes and interests have also. Sometimes, I even surprise myself!

You can find my work on Clips4Sale.com and IwantClips.com. If you are looking for twin related content go here

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