Yup. We know we are very notorious for our camming together, back in the day. Ha! That's for another post though. Currently, we create fetish videos together. That's it. Period. We do have a good laugh out of the e-mails we get begging us for else-wise and offering hoards of cash. Errrrr. No. We currently are getting back into the swing of things as I have just returned back to work March 2016. 

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. We create fetish style videos in an array of categories. You can find those on and! I have loved exploring fetish with my twin, Vikki Lynn. She has more of a dark side than I do, except these days I am not so sure. Some like to say she is the "evil" twin while I am the "good" twin. Ha-ha. I suppose we both have a bit of well...both. She seems to be bringing it out of me. It's sure has been a hoot. (Ok. I have been watching too much Mad Men.) No, really. We love being admired, served, and worshiped. We actually require it. Thrive on it. Because that's what twins deserve, right? RIGHT.

We also sometimes accept custom videos together. Usually we post this on our Twitters when we are available. It's rare. So keep your eye out! A few things to note. We only focus on fetish related content together. Content in our stores is a good place to look to get an idea of what it is we do or don't do. No full nudity, kissing, weird touching, etc. Minimum is 10 minutes at $250. That is just a starter quote. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your video as arranging a time we are both free takes a little more coordination. Please e-mail us both at and if you think you can handle it. 

After all...two is better than one.

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